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Thought of the Day: GACKT from DIABOLOS era

[NOTE: I actually wanted to post about the additions to my collection, but then my camera died on me so I wasn't able to upload the photos. Give it up for procrastination! 9_9 ]

Alright, I'm just going to say this straight:

I *hate* GACKT-san's appearence during the DIABOLOS era.

It's just, those long curls. . . he's not Goldilocks, goddarn it! (plus, I just CRINGE when I watch the "Black Stone" PV. ) So, I was kinda wary on watching the Tokyo Dome concert on YouTube.
The part that interested me was when he called down fans from the audience to play jan-ken-pon. You know, when I watched GACKT-san interact with his fans, I see that past the awful hair and outrageous outfit: is the GACKT-san that I love.
He was being his true self; teasing his fans, calling them "strange creatures" and all. When he was presenting the gifts to the lucky winner; I fell in love with him all over again! For example, I totally lol'd when GACKT-san was trying to get YOU-kun to give away his own belt. "Hurry up! Hurry up! Give me your underwear too!!" Hahaha!

I found myself loving GACKT-san with those cornrows again when I stumbled across this video on YouTube:
It is from UTABAN (oh geez, he says the darnest things when he's on that show!), and it is when he's in a billibowl competition with the show's hosts.
Like with DIABOLOS Live, I lol'd hard when GACKT-san blew into that guy's ear to phase him out.

So it comes to show that when GACKT-san may not be sexy, his eccentric personality is what makes him attractive. ^_~*


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Jun. 11th, 2010 09:18 am (UTC)
Wow...that really is strange to me. xD Diabolos is my absolutely favorite Gackt album, and so I can't help but love the live. (and the Todokanai costume is my favorite Gackt costume, so yes, I like the hair too) I love the whole mood of the live.... He is so laid back and smiley, I think it is all cute and very him.
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