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**Leave a comment below with the items you would like to purchase, and I'll PM you my PayPal address. [I ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL]**

**EDIT** Due to the lack of offers, I've decided to put the posters up for sale on eBay. So if you are interested in placing a bid for one of them, go here.
Otherwise, if I don't get any offers on eBay either, then I will accept the best offer here on LJ.

**EDIT No. 2** I relisted the posters on eBay here at a mark-down price. I saw that I got a lot of views on the posters, so I wanted to try one more time. Also, I can't tell if anyone here on LJ is interested in buying them with their own offer. . . since no one has left a comment or PM.
Therefore, until June 15th at 09:35 UTC-5, this will be the last time I'm gonna try to sell these posters.
I am leaving for 2 months on June 16th, so I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with the posters once I get back in August.

GACKT - Wall Calendar Posters
Each poster costs $12 with shipping included within the U.S. For international, it would be $15.
All posters have been cut with an X-Acto knife, and are in perfect condition without any holes or folds.

Jan/Feb poster

For Sale - $12 / $15

Mar/Apr poster

For Sale - $12 / $15

Jul/Aug poster

For Sale - $12 / $15

Nov/Dec poster

For Sale - $12 / $15

Cover poster

For Sale - $12 / $15


All CDs sold here are official albums with the AVEX label, unless otherwise noted.
U.S. shipping is included in the price. For international, it would be an additional $3.

Like new; barely used.

For Sale - $20 / $23

Stay the Ride Alive CD
Like New; barely used.

For Sale - $10 / $13