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New life chapter --> NEW LJ ACCOUNT!

Hello everyone!

So I knew I wanted to set up a new blog to document my upcoming study-abroad experience. I wrote my previous travel blog from when I went to Tokyo on Windows Live Spaces, but then that got transferred to Wordpress when the site was shut down. I was thinking on continuing the story there.

But then, I realized, that I'm really not as comfortable blogging there as I was here on Livejournal, a few years back. And you know, I do feel bad that I don't check up on the LJ community as often as I used to.

Thus, the decision was made! I would set up my new travel blog on Livejournal, on a different account!

And so, friends, if anyone is interested in following me during my year abroad, here is the link to the introduction post on my new LJ account.

To make clear, I will continue to interact with the fan community with THIS ACCOUNT, pinkkitty0808 .