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"This summer. . .

. . . is **THE** time to be in Europe!!!"

That is what I posted as my Facebook status once I heard the great news last week.
(Oh yeah, by the way, I admit that I haven't logged onto LJ very often in the past month. With assignments, activities, and what-not, I really wasn't able to spend much quality time with GACKT-san. But now that summer's here, I do have time! ^^"v" )

I didn't plan to make this post at first, but once I read shiroki_yousei's latest entry here, I felt it was something I had to write about.
Yes, I am very happy for all the European DEARS to be able to see GACKT-san live after 10 long years. I originally thought that GACKT-san would perform in L.A. (again) to kick-off his international tour with Avex, but it does make more sense to begin with Europe. Not only is Europe closer, but it is an easier place to tour considering the distance and the even population density of J-rock fans.

I am amazed at the overwhelming response: the Europeans crashed THREE ticket-distribution websites! Now that is a lot of love to our main man. ^^ And yet, I know it brings a lot of sadness. Since this is just an experimentation, I could see why the venues chosen would be small. But on the bright side, the demand from fans have resulted in an extra 200 tickets for the Munich show! See? It is thanks to everyone's devotion that GACKT-san would have this much determination to perform overseas!

I THANK YOU ALL!!! Even if you weren't able to get a ticket, put it in your hearts that your attempt was not in vain! GACKT-san will return!

I have faith that he will come to the U.S., as well! Well, to L.A. at least. There is a little hope for N.Y.C. But only a shrivel for Boston. *sigh*

P.S. You know, when I read a recent entry of excused_early's on the origin of "YFC", I was surprised to see that GACKT-san didn't want to be known overseas as a solo artist. So it is established: his love for his band members overcomes his huge ego!
Now I just hope this GACKT/YFC doesn't become another T.M.Revolution/Abingdon Boys School. It would just get too confusing, and it would cause his popularity to descend.