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Hello everyone!
Sorry for leaving you hanging with my previous post. But now that I am relaxed, I can tell you guys my story.

It all started with YFC in Japan. . . (WARNING! This IS a long story, followed with a reflection.)Collapse )


Oh my gosh, you guys! I have some news to share with everyone!
But unfortunately, I'm going to begin my 14-hour work day in a few minutes, so I'm afraid I can't say what it is just yet!

But let me just say that GACKT-san replied to an e-mail I sent on Wednesday night, and that the end result should prove Eri's [EDIT: and Amaia's!] point: once and for all!!!

Until tonight, my fangirly heart is racing at the fact that GACKT-san wrote back!

Meme - 100 Truths

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100. Post As 100 Truths And Tag Eight People: To anyone who wants to do it!


I could have done better myself. . . (-_-);

I'm not sure if you have remembered from one of my earlier posts, but I follow Japanator.
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I was surprised to hear that Squall from FFVIII was inspired by GACKT-san. (Here is the photo Colette supplied for evidence). Now, I know about Genesis, but is that really true about Squall?

Thought of the Day: GACKT from DIABOLOS era

[NOTE: I actually wanted to post about the additions to my collection, but then my camera died on me so I wasn't able to upload the photos. Give it up for procrastination! 9_9 ]

Alright, I'm just going to say this straight:

A confession to makeCollapse )

"This summer. . .

. . . is **THE** time to be in Europe!!!"

That is what I posted as my Facebook status once I heard the great news last week.
(Oh yeah, by the way, I admit that I haven't logged onto LJ very often in the past month. With assignments, activities, and what-not, I really wasn't able to spend much quality time with GACKT-san. But now that summer's here, I do have time! ^^"v" )

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I arrive. . . with a funny story!

This post has been inspired by uranus_sama.

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Yep, so I'm back from the road trip. As much as I want to write more AND check out what's going on my Friends Page, I need some sleep. T_T
But I'll be back in the morning.

So my grandparents arrived from Mexico on Thursday night, so I haven't been able to check things out here at LJ for a while. But now that I have logged on, I see oodles of good news: from a new video game dub to a new GACKTblog to a new single. . . all leading up to a new record company!

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By the way, I do have some things I want to post about. To keep my mind occupied from the R+RII DVD, I wanted to give my thoughts on the 6D7N Live and the DIABOLOS Live. However, to very much my surprise, the package arrived yesterday! (^_^) In addition, some other goodies I ordered from the lovely talene309 arrived earlier in the week. However, I have my hands full with my grandparents being here. I'm going to leave on a road trip with them and my mumsie on Sunday, so I most likely won't be able to post for a while.

Until next time, you guys!
Baibi! (^0^)/"

(O 0,O)

Earlier, I was in a dilemma in either choosing to wait for my copy of R+RII to arrive in 3 weeks, or to watch tenshin26100 's uploaded video clip of GHOST (with the possibility of ruining my watching experience once the DVD arrives).

I decided to go with the latter.

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Thought of the Day: Uesugi Kenshin

Yeah, took me long enough, but I finally finished watching "Ama Kakeru Ryu no Gotoku"! It really was an inspiring piece!

Review of DVDCollapse )
Is he an incarnation of Uesugi-dono?Collapse )

Overall, I greatly enjoyed watching this DVD, and I highly recommend it to any devoted fan of GACKT-san. It may only be an hour long, but the footage you get to see is purely priceless, as well as the knowledge you will obtain about these two honorable Japanese men.