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pinkkitty0808's Journal

8 August
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Hello! My nickname is Puri (pronounced "pree"), and I am from Boston.
I use my LJ account to stay in touch with the GACKT fan community.
I discovered GACKT-san's existence on November 18, 2009. Thus, I will do my best to catch up on all that I missed and to get myself closer to him.

Please read my first post titled, "GACKT-san is my 'Moon'," in order to get an understanding of how an incredibly wonderful man has changed my life.

May you enjoy my "Thought of the Day" series, where I post my daily feelings and/or discoveries on GACKT-san.

Before I joined LJ, I spent most of my time on YouTube searching for good videos of GACKT-san. I have compiled a Playlist for my enjoyment, and I'm happy to share it with other fans.

I have visited Tokyo in July 2009, and I look forward to my return there.
I am fluent in Spanish and English, as well as understand a little Japanese.
The reason I know Spanish is because I am a Mexican-American.