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My copy of the Swimsuit Live DVD arrived in the mail a couple weeks ago (it was Jacket B, Normal Edition, btw). My roommate went home for the weekend, so last night I took the golden opportunity to invite friends to my room to watch the DVD on our HD tv with high volume!

Only two came, and one of them was a GACKT fan while the other just wanted to be with friends.
I don't know about them, but I had a BLAST!! Most of time, I looked like an idiotic fangirl banging my head and singing along. Oh yeah, and I squealed a lot when G moves his hips like they don't lie. HNNNNNNGG!

But yeah, I hate to betray my love for 6D7N, but I think this live was so much fun that it ranks up there as one of GACKT's best performances.

My friend who's a fan was surprised that I knew the lyrics, and what song was coming up next. I told her that in all my 30-minute drives to my job and back this past summer, I was blasting in my car while screaming the lyrics to either Otoko Matsuri [thank you Franck!] or EVER. It was my pinnacle of youth. =^^=

P.S. I forgot what song it was after (The Next Decade?), but there was a point when my fan-friend and I yelled out, "AMAIA!!!". XDD

P.P.S. Just re-watched Vanilla. DUDE! How is it that he is frickin' 37 years old, and yet he makes us squeal the same way we would for pretty-boy idols????