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So my grandparents arrived from Mexico on Thursday night, so I haven't been able to check things out here at LJ for a while. But now that I have logged on, I see oodles of good news: from a new video game dub to a new GACKTblog to a new single. . . all leading up to a new record company!

You know, I've only seen it mentioned in my F-page like two times, as well as a rumor that GACKT-san will start a European tour.

But wow, signing on with Avex is HUGE! That record company is affiliated with some pretty big stars, ranging from Ayumi Hamasaki to Miley Cyrus in the U.S. (btw, I don't like Miley. :P ) So hearing how GACKT-san is jumping on such a prestigious bandwagon, I could see an international tour as a possibility. (Now we just need the economy to improve. :\ )

So yes, I'm now very excited to see what the future has in store with GACKT-san.

By the way, I do have some things I want to post about. To keep my mind occupied from the R+RII DVD, I wanted to give my thoughts on the 6D7N Live and the DIABOLOS Live. However, to very much my surprise, the package arrived yesterday! (^_^) In addition, some other goodies I ordered from the lovely talene309 arrived earlier in the week. However, I have my hands full with my grandparents being here. I'm going to leave on a road trip with them and my mumsie on Sunday, so I most likely won't be able to post for a while.

Until next time, you guys!
Baibi! (^0^)/"